Earth Day!!!



What you can do for Earth Day:

  • Turn off the water when you brush your teeth

  • Plant a tree

  • Use a cloth shopping bag

  • Use reusable containers to store your food

  • Buy unbleached coffee filters

  • Convince your school to recycle

What is Earth Day:

  • It is the day we give back to the environment

  • We show our apreciation to the Earth and raise awarness of the bad things that are happening to the environment


Click on picture to see what your carbon foot print is!

When you get to the website click on the tab footprint at the bottom of the page, then follow the directions to see what yours is!

By John McConnell
Four billion years ago Our lonely
Earth Set sail on cosmic seas
Guided by an unseen hand
Of nature, God or chance.
As life evolved
Through endles eco-cycles
Man was born, destined
To destroy or enrich the
Precious Ship.
And now his hand
Has seized the tiller
But his ear has not
Yet caught the Captain's
Quiet command.
The sails are down, the ship becalmed, Its fragil life at stake.
No longer do we ride the gentle swells of
Silent seas and breathe
The fragrant air.
Broken are the rhythms
Of our cyclic plants
And other living things.
But now the Captain speaks again
Our quiet thoughts at last reveal his voice.
"Hoist the sails, Earth Man.
Set them for celestial winds.
Hold the tiler firm,
The course ahead is clear."
Be He nature, God or chance
His voice is heard
And we shall heed
The Captain's quiet command. –

Important Perennial Message from John McConnell