All companies use non-toxic materials and are eco-friendly products

  • 3 Sprouts

  • Baby Ganics

  • California Baby

  • Clean Well

  • Dano2

  • Ecotots

  • Green Toys

  • Green to Grow

  • miYim

  • Nalgene

  • Naturepedic

  • Sprig

  • Thermos

  • Thinkbaby

  • Wonder Toast

  • Vulli


Eco-Friendly Technology

  • The Samsung Blue Earth: It has a solar powered touch screen, a head set that is chargable through solar power, it is made from PMC a recycled plastic from water bottlers, allows user to adjust screen brightness to conserve energy, and it has a eco-walk app that acts as a pedometer and shows the user how much carbon-dioxide they saved by walking insted of driving a car.


  • MacBook Earth: it is made from durable clay and is biodegradable so you can just bury it in the ground when you are done with it, it is wind and solar powered, it has a phosphoresent screen