Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint:

  • Ride your bike

  • Car pool

  • external image carpool-bug.jpg
  • Take the busWalk

  • Recycle

  • Buy organic and local products

  • Buy items that have minimum packing so there is less waste

  • Don't drink bottled water--Use an Alternative! (see New Pepsi Bottle pg. for more details!)

  • Use solar power and other organic energy sources

  • Energy efficent light bulbexternal image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQaaGN6pPJlx6nLB9nEV8Ja2NhHeS-CBssW8CXZoibFLR6uDJdz9A

  • Window shop before you buy to make sure you are getting what you really need

  • Unplug all electronics after us

  • Use cold water

How many bottles and cans are going into landfills this year: