Green School Supplies


  • Recycled Newspaper Pencils: made from recycled newspapers

  • Recycled Tire Pencils: made from recycled tires

  • Eco Color Pencils: made from recycled newspapers and natural plant dyes

  • BIC ECOlutions Mechanical Pencils: made from 76% recycled materials

  • Recycled Sugar Cane Notebooks: made from Sugarcane paper and soy based inks and non-toxic recycled material

  • Beeswax crayons: made from beeswax and eco friendly

  • Dante Beatrix Backpacks: made from recycled water bottles

  • Canvas Art Series Backpacks: made from 100% cotton

  • Lunchbots Duo: made from stainless steal unlike others that are made from plastic and end up in landfills

  • Ragaboo: clothing made from organic cotton and bamboo

  • Naked Binders: made from recycled materials and cotton cloth