Pepsi Creates a NEW Earth Friendly "Green" Bottle!

Pepsi's new bottle is made from switch grass, pine bark, corn husks and other materials, unlike their old bottles made of PET plastic.

These new bottles will reduce the environmental impact, and use less fossil fuels. Less fossil fuels means less gas going into our air, destroying the ozone layer.

Pepsi plans on testing this product in 2012, with a few hundred thousand bottles. If this is a success, they will convert their whole company, and all their bottles to new Environmentally Friendly "Green" Bottles!

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Other Eco Bottles:

SIGG Water Bottles

Water Bottles made of durable aluminum, and are BPA free.

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360 Paper Water Bottle

Renewable Water bottles made of bamboo or palm leaves.

Eco Friendly 360 Paper Water Bottles
Eco Friendly 360 Paper Water Bottles

Platypus Water Bottle

 These water bottles are made of BPA free plastic that can

roll up and fit in your pocket, for easy travel.

external image check_platypus_1205.jpg